Sharen Jeffries, M.D.

Premier ENT Cosmetics, Inc.

Dr. Jeffries is dedicated to making the World Beautiful…One Face at a Time! She brings a woman’s perspective to facial rejuvenation and prefers to help women bring out their own unique beauty. Dr. Jeffries likes natural looking results and believes in an individualized treatment plan to help her patients look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside. Her goal is to have a lasting result that fits the family budget.

Dr. Jeffries interest in facial plastic and reconstruction surgery dates back to her childhood. Her mother developed a large skin cancer on her lips and had to have extensive surgery to remove it. She was left with a large scar on her face. Dr. Jeffries learned first-hand how important appearance can be to a woman’s self-confidence and sense of well-being.

During Dr. Jeffries residency, she studied facial reconstruction. Facial plastic surgery was 25% of her curriculum. She studied face lift, cosmetic nasal surgery and eye lid surgery as part of her E.N.T education. Her entire professional career has been spent on the face and neck area, and she literally know this part of the body inside and out. She understands how all parts of the face and neck work together to create beauty that us more than skin deep.

Dr. Jeffries became interested in laser physics while an undergraduate student at UC Riverside. Laser technology for head and neck tissue was included throughout her E.N.T training. Her experience with cosmetic lasers began in 2004 and today she has a total of 5 medical lasers with specific applications. She is able to treat all skin types. She and her staff have performed thousands of laser rejuvenation treatments: safely, effectively, and comfortable. She has probably treated someone you may know…but it is taboo to tell.

She has been in practice since 1992 and has experience to deliver results you can see and the care you can trust!

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Redlands  California  92373
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