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Complexions Rx

Jane Eberlain, NP

Skincare is about making a visible difference. At Complexions Rx, we approach skincare as a clinical science and promise you results you can see – and that last for a lifetime.

Complexions Rx (CRx) is a one-stop destination for safe, medically directed, highly customized skincare. The company opened its doors in 1999 and has pioneered what has become widely known as the “medical spa” concept. Founded by a partnership of doctors, CRx is responsible for innovating a new approach to skincare that combines the latest advances in both medicine and beauty. Their vision has elevated skincare to a new level while helping thousands of people of all ages achieve long-lasting, beautiful skin.

Now in its tenth year, CRx continues to define best practices for the entire industry. Unlike other practitioners, CRx offers a true medical approach with an unwavering commitment to safety and education as well as quality of treatments and products, along with responsive, customized customer service since 1999.

Our concept provides a wide range of medical based options including fundamental skincare products, therapeutic esthetic services, laser treatments, injectables and, FDA-approved prescriptions. Our staff of Dermatologic Nurse Practitioners and Medically-Trained Estheticians can combine these products and treatments into customized plans and packages.

Skin health is a lifelong commitment and a lifestyle choice for people of all ages. To that end, we bring you Complexions Rx, an integrated approach to delivering beautiful skin for life.

Our Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the best medically directed cosmetic, over-the-counter, and prescription products and services available for skin care in a customer-friendly, convenient, on-stop-shop environment.

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