Janet Neigel, M.D.

Neigel Center for Cosmetc & Laser Surgery

Welcome to the Neigel Center, where we strive to keep you looking as good as you did yesterday…everyday.

Our philosophy is to simply restore your youth as safely and naturally as possible. We understand feelings of disenchantment regarding aging, acne scars, sun damage or any host of other cosmetic related problems. So whether you’re frustrated or simply curious about cosmetic surgery, however apprehensive due to a lack of knowledge regarding the risks and benefits of treatment, we are here to put your mind at ease. We want to help you understand the options at your disposal, and to provide you with a safe and effective solution.

I am Dr. Janet Neigel and I have been in practice since 1986. During that time I have helped thousands recapture their youth and regain their self-confidence. I, too, am aging, and I share all of the same concerns as my patients. I would not conduct any treatment on any patient that I wouldn’t first try on myself, my family, or my own friends.

I, with the support of my staff. am highly selective as to whom I will perform a procedure on, ensuring that the benefits are high and that the risks are always low.

It is my promise to you that here at the Neigel Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, you will receive superior care and personal attention, always.

We strive for excellence in all facets of our work and our primary concern . . . is you!

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